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File Upload Field Type


Gain control over your SharePoint file attachments!

While using the out-of-the-box file attachments you can easily find yourself dealing with records that include a pile of irrelevant file attachments, or with missing file attachments.

With the File Upload field type you have full control over the files that can or should be attached to SharePoint list items.

The SharePoint File Upload field type enables attaching a single file to a record (list item) while overcoming the issues related with out-of-the-box SharePoint file attachments:

  • No control over the attached file type
  • No control over the attached file size
  • No way to restrict the number of file attachments
  • No way to configure file attachments as mandatory


The Business Need

Many business scenarios require attaching files to records in a controlled way, such as:

  • Sales lead record (in Sales CRM solution)
    A lead requires several file attachments that are a “must” in various stages of the lead’s lifecycle:
    • RFP/RFI
    • SOW
    • Price Offer

    In this scenario, we would like to validate the existence and the format of each of these exact files.
  • Project Management/Contract Management
    A contract/project record may require attaching signed documents such as contract/agreement/SOW etc. We also may need to trigger a workflow once a specific file has been attached to the record.


Key Features & Benefits

Main key features of File Upload Field Type are:

Feature KWizCom File Upload field type
Ability to configure a file attachment as mandatory


Have control over the uploaded file type


Have control over the uploaded file size


A field restricts the number of attachments to 1






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File Upload Field Type

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