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Forum Web Part


Version Release Notes

Primary Software

Version 2.2.00   (SharePoint 2007)
12.2.00 (SharePoint 2010)
Base Version 2.1.00
Release Date Apr-12-2012


Module Version

Version History



Version 2.2.00, 12.2.00  Apr-12-2012
1242 Fixed Bug: In Firefox the paste buttons in editor cause error
1243 Fixed Bug: In IE the paste button displays an error
1248 Emoticons not displayed in replies
1258 Fixed Bug: Cannot add emoticons in Firefox
2300 Upgrade to new Telerik control
Version 2.1.00, 12.1.00  Jan-19-2011
1245A Upgrade to SharePoint 2010 RTM.
Version 1.4.01, February-22-2010
75 Fixed Bug: The web part replicates the replies of a discussion to another discussion if the title is same.
Version 1.4.00, November-03-2009
65 Support WCAG
Version 1.3.00, February-25-2008
53 Improve forum web part's new discussion and reply editor window load time.
55 Enable including emotion icons in the post title (in addition to body)
Version 1.2.00, December-22-2008
16 Fixed Bug: The "Discussion view name" does not display the items according to the chosen view and neither the "reply view name"
27 Fixed Bug: The rich text editor doesn’t work properly with Firefox
29 Fixed Bug: Posting a reply when there are multiple IIS headers fails
30 Fixed Bug: Multilingual support not complete and issues with RTL
31 Fixed Bug: There cannot be added a new reply or a new post in Firefox and Google Chrome
49 Fixed Bug: Clicking “Find and Replace” button renders Error
Version 1.1.00, April-22-2008
Base Version

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