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Item Quick Navigation


Need to review/edit a series of list items one by one?
Now you can do it much faster!

Ever needed to review/edit many items in a list view, one by one?

This might be a time consuming task because each time you want to move on to the next item in the view and read/edit it, you need 1st to close the current item's view/edit form, go back to the list view, and then open the next item's view/edit form. That's 2 redundant page refreshes each time you want to move on to the next list item!


With the Item Quick Navigation feature you can do it a lot faster!


Navigation links in View/Edit form

Once you activate the feature, "Previous" and "Next" navigation links will be added to your list's View and Edit forms.

This enables end-users to quickly navigate to the next/previous item in the selected view without having to go back to the list view and then open the next item's edit/view form.

Now, what happens if you've made some changes in the current item and you click the "Next" link to move on to the next item?

You'll be able to save your changes, and then navigation will occur, again - without having to go back to the list view.


Navigate and save changes

Item Navigation settings page

The Item Quick Navigation settings page allows you to configure various navigation settings such as: captions of the navigation links and define which view should be used for navigation.

The Business Need

Both in SharePoint 2010 and 2013, when you want to view an items details, you have to open the item's View or Edit forms, and that costs you a page refresh.

Here are some common scenarios where end-users have to go over items, spending double the time needed, just because of the need to go through the list view each time opening the next item in the list view:

  • Reviewing my/my team's task's details
  • Reviewing/editing my support cases
  • Reviewing/editing my project's milestones before the weekly status meeting


Key Features & Benefits

Main key features of Item Quick Navigation are:

Feature Item Quick Navigation feature
Enables end-users to navigate between items' View/Edit forms


Configurable navigation link captions


Navigation can be made through a configurable view


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Item Quick Navigation

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