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KWizCom Custom Actions



    KWizCom Custom Actions  is part of the KWizCom Forms Enterprise Edition 

Effortlessly Implement Business Use-Cases, Without Messing With Complex Workflows!

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KWizCom Custom Actions, part of KWizCom Forms (Ent. edition) enable non-technical users to implement their required use-cases, without having to deal with technical workflow tools.


These implemented  business scenarios can include a mixture of automated activities with manual user input.


Custom Actions example use case


ok, so what can you do with a Custom Action?

  • Display customized menus, relevant to current context
  • Implement multiple New/Edit forms, relevant to current context
  • Implement bulk operations - update multiple items in a single click
  • Trigger activities such as:
    • Auto-update fields
    • Display custom forms
    • Trigger workflows
    •  Redirect to pages
    • Get/update external data


So, in just a few minutes you can implement the exact use-case you need and provide a much clearer and easier UX for your end-users!

Watch this 20-min webcast to see how easy it is to implement business use-cases:


Key Features & Benefits

FeatureKWizCom Custom Actions
Custom item-level actions/menus Yes
Custom list-level actions/menus Yes
Context-sensitive/conditioned menus Yes
Assign permissions to actions


Attach a workflow to an action


Implement multiple New/Edit forms, showing relevant fields according to the executed use-case


Create a flow that involves both automatic updates and user manual input


Run an action on multiple items


Get/update external data


Cross-browser support: IE, Firefox and
Google Chrome
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KWizCom Custom Actions

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