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List Filter Plus Web Part

Frequently Asked Questions

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I added the web part to my site but I can't modify the web part's properties. What is wrong?

Before starting to configure the SharePoint List Filter Plus web part, you need to connect it to the standard SharePoint List that you want to filter. After connecting the web part to your desired list, you can start configuring the web part's properties. Please view the "Administrator Guide" to learn how to connect a standard SharePoint list to the List Filter Plus.

I configured everything I need and clicked "OK" but nothing happened. How do I fix this?

After configuring the desired filtering options in the Data Source section, click the "Add" button – this will integrate your settings into the SharePoint List Filter Plus web part. You can see that your configurations have been stored by verifying that they are listed in the "Bound Fields" table.

Do I have to install anything on my company's client-PCs?

No. The KWizCom SharePoint List Filter Plus is a server installation. Once installed on the server, it can be used from any client-PC connected to it.

Do I have to install anything besides List Filter Plus to use the DataTable connection?

Yes. Install the KWizCom SharePoint List Aggregator and receive for free the Data Table Web Part that stays available for you after the 30-day trial.

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List Filter Plus Web Part

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