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Frequently Asked Questions

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What does KWizCom Mobile do?

It allows you to create a custom SharePoint mobile solution for smartphones/tablets. By using a wizard, you can create custom pages that include the exact fields, menus and buttons that your mobile business users need..

Can I display "NEW/EDIT" list forms?

Yes you can. You can also display any list view. You will need to copy the exact page’s url into the mobile settings page.

Can I customize these list forms?

If you deploy KWizCom Mobile as part of KWizCom Forms Enterprise edition you will be able to customize the displayed mobile forms and the displayed menus so they will match the exact requirements of your customers. This can be done without any development. These customization include field level permissions, Field validation rules, Field grouping, Field constraints and more. All these capabilities enable you to implement rich and powerful forms without any need for development or external forms tools such as InfoPath / Forms server.

Can I create customized actions?

 KWizCom Mobile enables you to use the “generic” list actions, which allow you to call any list view page or the New/edit list forms.
    If you want to create custom actions (for example: an action that performs several actions, or an action that initiates a workflow), you can do it by using KWizCom Forms Enterprise edition.

Do I need to install anything on the users' smartphones/tablet?

No. KWizCom Mobile is a server solution.

Is this solution available in SharePoint 2010/2013/2016?

Yes. The solution is available for both SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010/2013/2016.

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