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    KWizCom Mobile is part of KWizCom Forms Enterprise Edition 

Focused Mobile Interface for Productive Mobile Users! 

In just a few minutes you can produce a custom-tailored, focused mobile solution that answers your mobile users’ specific needs!
Zero Development! No Smartphone/tablet deployment!



Download a walkthrough presentation or watch a webcast recording and learn how you can easily create custom-tailored mobile SharePoint solutions for your productive mobile users!

Download eBook for summary of the solution's concept and main features.


Who needs it?

  • Field-engineers
  • Sales agents
  • Support/Help-Desk employees


Anyone who needs the same level of productivity while being out of the office!


Key Features & Benefits

Main key features of KWizCom Mobile are:

FeatureKWizCom Mobile
Supports Blackberry, iOS, Android,
and Windows 8 Mobile devices
Mobile solution certified by AT&T Yes
True BYOD: Server-based deployment, no required installations on smartphones. Yes
Custom mobile pages without any need for development, SharePoint Designer etc.


Support for various field types including graphic KPI’s and images


Advanced Forms capabilities*:Field-level security, View-level security, Custom default values, Field validation rules, View navigation, conditioned fields


Custom item-level actions/menus *


Custom list-level actions/menus *


Context-sensitive/conditions menus *


Attach a workflow to an action *


Connect to external data *


Extensible by development


* When purchased as part of the KWizCom Forms Enterprise edition

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KWizCom Mobile

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