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Notifications Feature

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have to install anything on my company's PC's?

No. The KWizCom SharePoint Notification Feature is a server installation. Once installed on the server, it can be used from any client-PC connected to it.

I installed the feature but when i try to create a notification i get a red warning message saying the configuration is not complete, what to do?

Go to the ACTIVATING KWIZCOM SHAREPOINT NOTIFICATION FEATURE section and follow the steps to complete the installation of the notification feature and then you will be able to create any desired notification rules.

I configured all the notification rules settings i need and clicked ok but nothing happened, how do i fix this?

After configuring all the desired settings, make sure you click the Add Notification Rule button, this saves your new notification rule's settings, you should be able to see, edit and delete your notification rule under the Current rules list.

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Notifications Feature

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