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Org. Chart Web Part

Frequently Asked Questions

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What does the Org. Chart web part do?

Org. Chart web part displays organization breakdown structure (OBS) in hierarchical/flat view, based on SharePoint lists, SharePoint profiles and Excel/XML data files.

How can I integrate Org. Chart web part with our corporate HR system?

All you have to do is implement an export process that will create the Excel/XML data file and save it in some file system share or web server that is accessible from your SharePoint server.

How can I dynamically at run-time filter the displayed employee tree/list?

Org. Chart web part can be filtered at run-time using URL parameters. The syntax is as follows: http://[SPS/WSS page url]?FilterField=[field name]&FilterValue=[value]

Do I have to install anything on my client- PCs?


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Org. Chart Web Part

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