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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is "iMUSH"?

iMUSH – Information Management Utilities for SharePoint.
    iMUSH is a package of utilities, mostly used by offices working mainly with documents. It includes the following utilities: Scan, Print, File and Report.
    Each one of the utilities is licensed and sold separately. Customers ordering the complete iMUSH bundle benefit from KWizCom’s bundle discounts.

What does iMUSH-Print do?

iMUSH-Print enables users to easily print documents and list items. It also enables users to merge selected documents/list items into a single .PDF file.

Does iMUSH-Print require MS Office installation on the client/server?

No. iMUSH-Print doesn’t require any MS Office installation.

Can I use iMUSH with browsers other than Microsoft Internet Explorer?

    You can use iMUSH-Print with additional browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

Which SharePoint versions are supported by this feature?

KWizCom's iMUSH printing feature works with SharePoint 2007/2010/2013/2016 and Windows SharePoint Services/Foundation.

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Printing Feature

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