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Printing Feature


Convert to .PDF & Print Anything!


You can now easily select the documents, list items, Wiki pages, InfoPath web forms, SharePoint publishing pages and attachments , merge them into a .PDF file and print - all done in a single click!





Why did we build it?

Many of us spend a lot of time manually creating documents that actually can be created automatically from list items.
This is true for many types of information that should be managed as structured data (lists), rather than as documents, but still we need to publish them as documents.
Such data items include Leads, Sales proposals, purchase orders, work orders and more.
The iMUSH-Print feature enables you to manage these information entities and others as records (list items), and allow you to produce PDF documents for them.
Besides that, the iMUSH-Print feature provides some additional features, bridging over the gap of Printing in SharePoint:

  • Print documents without the need to download them first.
  • Merge several documents into a single printable document (no need to print them one by one).
  • Print tasks, events or any other type of SharePoint list items.
  • Export information from SharePoint to .PDF files.

Key Features & Benefits


Merge documents and list items, and convert into a .PDF file

Convert to PDF & Print selected documents or list items Yes
Convert to PDF & Print list items with/without attachments Yes
Convert to PDF & Print InfoPath web forms Yes
Convert to PDF & Print CAD files* Yes
Convert to PDF & Print SharePoint publishing pages Yes
Export Wiki pages to .PDF documents Yes
Customizable page  header & Footer Yes
Support high resolution printing Yes
Print watermark
PDF conversion API Yes
Convert to PDF Workflow activity** Yes
Integrated with KWizCom Forms - Print only visible list form fields
Auto-create documents based on list information Yes
Cross-browser Yes

* Requires a license of CAD converter plug-in

** Requires a license of KWizCom workflow toolkit

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Printing Feature

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