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Quick Launch Web Part

Frequently Asked Questions

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What exactly does KWizCom SharePoint Quick Launch do?
This web part displays a list of applications and web links, for a user to launch. This web part is similar to the SharePoint built-in Links" web part, except of the following enhancements:
  • It enables to define for a web link a target window (so you can define a link to be opened in a new browser window)
  • It enables creating a link to a non-web application (like MS WORD, Notepad for example).
  • It enable defining a central application list that will be used by SharePoint Quick Launch web parts on different team sites and portal areas.
Can the Quick Launch web part get its displayed application list from a SharePoint list that is located on a different SharePoint server?
No. The Quick Launch web part retrieves the application links from the quick launch list, by using SharePoint .NET object model. Therefore the list may be located anywhere you want as long as it will be on the same Virtual Server where the Quick Launch web part is located.
We have defined a link to an application, but it doesn't work. Why?
When you define a link that contains blanks, make sure you surround the URL string by "", otherwise the link won't work.



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Quick Launch Web Part

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