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SharePoint Quick Previewer


Eliminate frustration and increase productivity!
Stop waiting for large files to download!

The SharePoint Quick Previewer enables you to quickly view the contents of required documents, without actually downloading those files to your client machine.

This way end-users can access documents and find the required content a lot faster. You do not have to worry about having the proper software on the client machine, in order to be able to view various types of files, all you need is a browser!

With our Pre-Cache Feature, it doesn't matter if you're previewing a small or a very large file, you can now preview very large files in just a few seconds!

Now you can use your laptop as well as your tablet or smartphone to quickly view documents wherever you are, whenever you want!



The Business Need

The SharePoint Quick Previewer is mostly needed in the following scenarios:

  • Limited network bandwidth
    Employees that are working in a distributed organization, trying to access documents that are located in a remote SharePoint farm, or mobile users that are trying to access the company's intranet from home/internet cafe'.
  • Missing various client software
    More and more companies are supporting BYOD (Bring your own device), so many times end-users may not have a client software which is required to display a required document type.
    With the SharePoint Quick Previewer the documents are rendered on the server side, and the end-user get only image snapshot which do not require any special installed software.
  • Using your mobile device
    Easily use your smartphone/tablet to preview documents without downloading them and without spending extra money on your data plan.


Key Features & Benefits

Main key features of SharePoint Quick Previewer are:

Feature SharePoint Quick Previewer SharePoint 2010 SharePoint 2013/2016
Document libraries and list file attachments previews




In-Document search with hit highlighting




Various zoom & snap-to-screen width/length




Pre-cache server job enables fast previews of very large documents




Preview document on your Smartphone or Tablet




Does not require Office Web Apps Server




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SharePoint Quick Previewer

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