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Remote List Viewer


Version Release Notes

Primary Software

14.1.05 (SharePoint 2010/2013/2016)

Base version 14.1.04
Release date Feb-29-2016
Module Version

Version History

CR# Description
Version 14.1.05 (SharePoint 2010/2013/2016), Feb-29-2016
5000A Support SharePoint 2016 Beta
Version 14.1.04 (SharePoint 2010/2013), Oct-20-2013
3371 Improved: Support custom body constant ID
Version 14.1.01 (SharePoint 2010/2013), Apr-17-2013
2750 Fixed: External links don't open in Remote list viewer.
Version 14.1.00 (SharePoint 2010/2013), Apr-07-2013
2732 Fixed: Remote List viewer does not trigger horizontal scrollbar.
3015 Upgrade to SharePoint 2013.
Version 3.3.00, 13.3.00, Sep-03-2012
2105 Add support for non-visual upgrade
2118 Add support for tokens and relative links
2387 Fixed: Web part does not load when setting "hide list toolbar" to true
2521 Fixed: scroll bars do not extend all the way to the end of the list
Version 3.2.00, 13.2.00, Feb-16-2011
1321 Support in-place upgrade to SharePoint 2010.
Version 3.1.10, 13.1.10, Jan-04-2011
1183 Include the new per-user actiovation model for SharePoint 2010.
Version 3.1.00, 13.1.00  September-30-2010
310 Add property "Open links in new window" - enables opening documents on a new window.
376 Support WCAG standard.
377 Support SharePoint 2010 RTM.
Version 2.3.04, January-17-2009
12 Bug fix: Remove border and unnecessary scroll from list view.
Version 2.2.00, May-2008
1 "Hide the list's toolbar" option added


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