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Repeating Rows Field Type


Quick, affordable and Simple multi-row forms enabler feature for any SharePoint Platform!

The SharePoint Repeating Rows field type enables simple creation of multi-row forms with just out-of-the-box list forms.

This field type eliminates the need for a complex InfoPath or an expensive SharePoint Enterprise server implementation! 

Multi-row forms can be easily created in any SharePoint edition, including SharePoint Foundation Server.

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The Business Need

Common forms such as Expenses and Working hour reports can be only implemented by using InfoPath and SharePoint Enterprise edition, or by developing custom forms - both options require significant investment of time and budget.

By using out-of-the-box list forms, the Repeating Rows field type helps SharePoint customers leverage their investment in SharePoint with no additional development costs or long training.


Key Features & Benefits

Main key features of the Repeating Rows Field Type are:

FeatureRepeating Rows
Field Type
A new column type that enables you to add/edit a list item
along with multiple connected items from a remote list (Repeating section).


Connect between a “Master” list and “Details” list
(such as “Expenses” and “Expense details”)


Connected lists can be located in different sites.


Configurable amount of empty rows in “New” form.


Configurable summary calculated fields.


Configurable skins


Reverse Lookup created in the "Details" list enabling navigating back to the Master item.


Support read-only "live" calculated fields* in New/Edit forms
(* Requires KWizCom Forms)






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Repeating Rows Field Type

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