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Tagging Feature

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do I need the SharePoint Tagging Feature?

 Very simple:

    When you rely on the SharePoint out of the box Search mechanism it is difficult to find what you're looking for – sometimes you don’t get the needed results, or you can get too many results. This is frustrating and precious work-time is wasted on finding content.

    SharePoint Tagging Feature enables you retrieve the content you need much faster – no time wasted and no frustration.

    KWizCom's SharePoint Tagging Feature provides employees with user friendly, effective tools to tag/categorize and retrieve content (documents, articles, tasks or any other piece of content).

    The immediate outcome is greater productivity, time and money is saved!

Does the Tagging feature support hierarchical category trees?

 Yes, SharePoint Tagging Feature supports all types of content tagging:

        Hierarchical tagging – in this method a central hierarchical taxonomy is managed by authorized users and used by content editors who can select tags/categories with which to tag their content.
        Web 2.0 tagging – in this method tags are managed as a flat list of keywords. In the classical Web 2.0 "spirit", all users can contribute to this central tags repository and those tags that are used most will be displayed accordingly by the Tag Cloud (they will appear larger, growing in proportion to their popularity).

Does the Tagging Feature support WSS?

Yes. SharePoint Tagging Feature works with both SharePoint Server 2007/WSS 3.0 and SharePoint 2010/SharePoint Foundation.

How do I create new tags?

New tags can be created in various ways:

        In Web 2.0-style tagging mode, any user can add new tags using the "Tags" field. These tags are added to the central, shared tags list/s.
        The administrator can add tags using the Tagging Feature management page.
        You can import tags from .CSV/XML taxonomy files, using the import/export utility included with this feature.

We already have a defined taxonomy; can we import it to SharePoint?

Yes you can!

    SharePoint Tagging Feature includes an import/export utility that enables you to import tags/hierarchical category trees from .CSV and XML files.

    You can also export the taxonomy from SharePoint to .CSV files, enabling you to move/copy taxonomy lists between servers and systems.

Can we use SharePoint Tagging Feature to implement a central, cross site taxonomy in our company?

Yes you can!

    SharePoint Tagging Feature works in various scopes according to your needs:

        Cross site
        Cross site collection
        Cross system (!!):

        By providing web service API, you can now tag any web content located in any system in your organization!

How do I delete tags?

If you have administrative permissions on the site collection - go to the Tagging Feature Settings page under the site collection setting to delete the tag/s.

Do I need to install anything to use the Tagging client extensions?

No. The Tagging client extensions consist of execution files which are used simply by running them - no install necessary.

Do I have to install anything on my company's client-PCs?

No. KWizCom SharePoint Tagging Feature is a server installation.

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Tagging Feature

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