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View Permissions


Control View-Level Permissions

With the View Permissions Feature you can easily configure your list views' visibility. This way you can hide views that include columns which you do not want users to be able to view.
By using the View Permissions settings page you can create various rules that hide selected views from selected user/groups, and also configure the run-time messages' text that will be displayed to unauthorized users trying to access a view.

SharePoint view permissions settings page

The Business Need

We all got used to working with SharePoint lists and document libraries. It is only natural to expect these list views and forms to also manage the visibility of required columns. Without the ability to hide sensitive columns from specific users, SharePoint administrators have no other choice but to dulicate lists instead of sharing the same list, simply with different view permissions.


Key Features & Benefits

Main key features of View Permissions are:

Feature View Permission Feature SharePoint 2010/2013
Hide views from selected users/groups



Automatic redirection to the next available view



Configurable "You do not have permissions to view this page" error page



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View Permissions

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