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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Wiki Plus?

KWizCom Wiki Plus is a complete, SharePoint-based enterprise wiki solution.

    Wiki Plus is fully integrated with MOSS 2007/ WSS 3.0 and SharePoint 2010/2013/2016, thus provides you with enhanced wiki features together with all other SharePoint features – security, search, web part pages etc.

What do we do with our existing wiki content?

No problem!
    You can export all existing SharePoint wiki pages and then import them into Wiki Plus libraries using a wiki to wiki plus migration utility.

Does Wiki Plus work with WSS 3.0/2010/2013 Foundation?

    You do not have to buy MOSS2007/SharePoint 2010/2013 Server in order to have Enterprise Wiki capabilities.

Can we change Wiki Plus graphics and deploy our company brand?

Sure you can!
    Wiki Plus exposes its style sheet and graphic files, so you can fully customize the graphic appearance.

Do I have to install anything on my company's client-PCs?

Yes. In order to be able to copy rich content & images from your Windows desktop to your Wiki pages, you will have to install the KWizCom Clipboard Manager, which is part of WikiPlus product. The Clipboard Manager add-on has a client component which enables accessing your windows clipboard to copy rich-content from your Office documents, images, PDF files and more.

What is a "Knowledge Trustee"?

Knowledge trustee defines a user who has Wiki knowledge management rights. When Wiki Plus is installed, a new “Knowledge Trustees” group is created. All users that belong to this group are able to:

        Redefine a page expiration date
        Restore previous versions of a wiki page
        Delete a page
        Define a default address to which alerts will be sent for a page which has no owner
        Delete the owner name for a page.
        Create a Wiki Plus page template.

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