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Signature Pad Column


Easily add Signature field to your SharePoint list forms!


With the Signature Pad custom column you can require end-user signature when submitting a SharePoint list form. Simply add it to your form just like any other field:


KWizCom Signature Pad column in New/Edit forms


Once user signs the saved item, signing user name and signing timestamp are saved.

Looking at the list view you can easily notice which items have been signed and which were not, or have been updated after they were signed (signature invalidated).


KWizCom signature pad column in list views

The Business Need

Adding a signature field to a SharePoint list is a great way to verify user input to a list especially in environments with shared-access kiosks or devices (where all users use the same login), for example: having customer sign a service report using a tablet.


Key Features & Benefits

Main key features of Signature Pad Column are:

Feature Signature Pad column
Require name and signature while signing


Require specific users to sign (requires KWizCom Forms)


Show/hide signature field to/from certain users (requires KWizCom Forms)


Show signature status in list views


Show signature status in version history


Updating a signed item invalidates the signature


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Signature Pad Column

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