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Frequently Asked Questions

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When I search the original WSS search I find more list items then when I use WCSS.
In some cases you may receive more list items results in WSS search then in the WCSS results. This does not mean you miss out on some of the search results, the reason is that WSS search shows documents results as list items results if the text phrase was found at the document's list item properties. This way you can get a document to be displayed twice in the results page. In WCSS a document will always be displayed once under documents results, where a link to the document and to the list item will be available. This is done to minor the confusion among users that finds the same result twice.
Free text" results does not come in at all.
The WCSS search uses the default service. Any errors in that service will directly affect the results of WCSS. Please make sure that the WSS search service is working and that the content database is associated to a search indexer server. For further help, please browse the WSS Administrator help, or contact our support team if the problem persists in WCSS.
Do I have to install anything on my client-PCs?
No. WSS Cross Site Search is a server installation. Once you install it on your SharePoint server, all users can start saving Office 2003 offline copies.


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