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SharePoint Find & Replace


Download & Installation

To start using this utility, you need to:

  1. Install the tool (Trial version)
  2. Run it on a machine that has internet access
    (this way every time we update the tool you will get the most recent version automatically)


The trial version includes the following limitations:
  • Can run on a single site
  • Does not scan sub-sites
  • Scan only the first 5 lists in every site
  • Scan only the first 50 items in each list/library


To learn more about the tool's options, watch this Video Guide.



  1. Click to install on your Windows client machine, you will get to the app's page:

    SharePoint Find & Replace installation site

    Click the "Install" button to install the tool on your client machine.

  2. Once the installation completes, the tool UI will appear and you can start using it.


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SharePoint Find & Replace

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