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SharePoint Find & Replace

Frequently Asked Questions

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what does the SharePoint Find & Replace tool do?
This tool searched your SharePoint and replaces tokens with your defined strings.
Who needs this tool?
If you have migrated your SharePoint to a new server with a new name, or have upgraded to a new SharePoint edition (for example: from 2010 to 2013), then you probably need this tool. That's because your SharePoint content (list items, wiki pages, web part content, documents) include hard-coded links that include your previous server name. Now that you have migrated your date to a new server - these links are now probably broken. The SharePoint Find & Replace tool enables you to quickly fix all these hard-coded urls so they will point to the correct data items locations.
Where do I install this tool?
This is a client-tool, so no need to install it on your SharePoint server, simply install it on your Win7/Win8 client machine.
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SharePoint Find & Replace

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