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Calendar Plus App (SPFx)


Item SKU Price
Calendar Plus App STD. Annual Subscription
Calendar Plus App Std. 10-user pack subscription
ASCLPS-10 $84 Annual
Calendar Plus App Std. S.C subscription ASCLPS-S $252 Annual
 Calendar Plus App PRO. Annual Subscription
Calendar Plus App Pro. 10-user pack subscription
ASCLPP-10 $96 Annual
Calendar Plus App Pro. S.C subscription ASCLPP-S $288 Annual

All listed prices are in US dollars (USD). Prices include free version upgrades and support services according to our Standard support plan.

Per-user subscriptions are limited to a single site collection.

S.C subscription= Single site collection, up to 300 users.

For information about domain & enterprise licensing and additional options please send an email to

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Calendar Plus App (SPFx)

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