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Calendar Plus App (SPFx)


SharePoint and Exchange Online Calendar Aggregation

This app is part of Data View Toolset for SharePoint Online


The Calendar Plus app is a SharePoint client-side web part, utilizing the new SharePoint Framework (SPFx), aggregating events from SharePoint and Exchange Online calendars.


Easily connect to data sources

  • Local/remote SharePoint list
  • Aggregate events from multiple sites and lists
  • Aggregate personal/shared Exchange Online calendars using the MS Graph API
KWizCom Calendar Plus app data sources

Dynamic aggregation scope

The Calendar Plus app allows you to connect it to multiple aggregation sources, each can have a different dynamic scope, enabling you to dynamically aggregate items from specific lists, sites & sub-sites and entire site-collections.

You can further limit your aggregation results using additional filtering options:

  • filter by list/site name pattern
  • filter by list types
  • filter by content type

This way you can easily create a dynamic query that retrieves only the relevant events, meeting, tasks, milestones etc. from various sites in your SharePoint online tenant.

KWizCom List Aggregator App - data source configuration dialog

Much more than just a calendar - great-looking, "Lego" style UI

The entire end-user interface is composed of controls that you can add/remove to assemble the exact required functionality.

KWizCom Calendar Plus app "lego" style UI


The Business Need

Although SharePoint enables creating an overlay of several calendars, this functinality is static.

In many common business scenarios a dynamic aggregation of calendars, milestones or tasks is required.
Example: Enterprise Project Management environments often include a site per-project and a top-level EPM site that displays aggregated data from all project sub-sites.
In this scenario project sub-sites are dynamically created, so using SHarePoint out-of-the-box calendar will require you to reconfigure the top-level calendar to add the new created project's calendar to the overlay.
With KWizCom Calendar Plus you don't need to re-configure the Calendar each time a new sub-site is created since it supports dynamic aggregation rules.


Key Features & Benefits

Main key features of Calendar Plus App (SPFx) are:

Feature KWizCom Calendar Plus App STD. edition KWizCom Calendar Plus App PRO. edition
Standard calendar views (day, month, year, agenda)



Aggregated events from multiple lists, sites and site collections



Display any other list items which include dates (tasks, milestones, risks etc.)



Configurable menus



Connect to Exchange Online private/shared calendars



Configurable filters



Event coloring using conditional formatting


RTM: April-2019

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Calendar Plus App (SPFx)

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