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Countdown App (Office 365)


Time is passing by so much faster than you think...

Countdown is a clear visual representation of time, helping you to stay focused on your targets.
Now you can better see the time left, keep track of your deadlines and make sure projects are on the right track.

Countdown app for SharePoint 2013


KWizCom's Countdown app allows you to add countdown watches to your pages and to your list items. This is useful in many cases, such as:

  • Marketing/Sales -  show the countdown until the event starts, or until a sales campaign ends.
  • Project management - add a countdown to the task due date, to better show the time left for the current milestone to pass.
  • HR/Social networking - better enhance the buzz around your event, by showing a countdown until the event starts.

The Business Need

Time is passing a lot faster than we want it to. Also, many of us tend to dive deep in work, many times forgetting about the defined time limitations, getting distracted by unexpected issues.

A visual aid, such as the Countdown app helps users to pay more attention to time limits and to better stay focused on the defined tasks and milestones. You will be amazed by the effect of such a small visual indicator, it's like having your personal helper reminding you: "time is passing by...stay focused on your targets!"


Key Features & Benefits

Main key features of Countdown App (Office 365) are:

Feature KWizCom Countdown app
Add Countdown as columns to your lists/libraries


Add Countdown as an app part to your SharePoint pages


Various great-looking themes


Resizable countdowns


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Countdown App (Office 365)

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