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Data View Plus App (SPFx)


The ultimate Swiss-knife of data retrieval and display!

The KWizCom Data View Plus connects to various data source types and displays them in responsive and fully-customizable UI, enabling you to display what you need in the exact way you want!

Data View Plus app overview


Easily connect to data sources

  • Local and remote SharePoint lists/libraries
  • Aggregate data from multiple SharePoint sites and site collections
  • SharePoint Search
  • Excel files
  • All your O365 Online data through Graph API
Data View Plus app data sources - SharePoint, excel and Graph API

Organize and group your data

  • Accordion sections
  • Tabs
Data View Plus app Tabs and Groups

Configurable Filters

Instantly create the exact filtering form you need to easily find your data!

Data View Plus app configurable filters




Custom Actions

Global-actions and Item-actions enable you to quickly create custom menus, to match your exact usage-scenario!

Available action snippets include:

  • Email item
  • Show item in map
  • Call user can create new custom actions in just few minutes!

 Data View Plus app item actions

Custom Templates

In addition to the available display controls and action snippets, Data View Plus app enables you to create your own custom UI.

You can use any of the available custom templates to create your own custom template.


 Risk Matrix template

The Business Need

SharePoint provides a basic way to view items using list views. However, there are many scenarios where you need to view more than just a single list view at a time such as:

  • Aggregate items from multiple sites and multiple lists/libraries into one consolidated view.
  • Display aggregated Calendar view, showing important milestones from multiple projects.
  • Display content of remote lists, located on other sites.
  • Enable end-users to dynamically filter the displayed content by multiple conditions to find the exact data they need.
  • Provide users with custom actions/menus that enable implementing the exact custom business processes they need.
  • Enable customizing the presented view's (styles and layout).

KWizCom's Data View Plus is an overall super-flexible solution for retrieving and displaying various data sources types, in various, customizable display types.

No need for development skills, simply build your display "Lego"-style and get your required results immediately!


Key Features & Benefits

Main key features of Data View Plus App (SPFx) are:

Feature Data View Plus App
Connect to various data sources: SharePoint lists, List/library aggregation, Excel files, GRAPH API and SharePoint Search


Includes various display controls: lists, tables, tabs, image galleries, calendars, charts


Includes custom filters enabling users to configure their required filters


Enables creating custom display templates


Fully customizable using knockout script


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Data View Plus App (SPFx)

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