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Field Groups/Tabs App (Office 365)


Turn your SharePoint Online forms into great-looking, multi-tab forms in just a few minutes!

Field Groups App is part of KWizCom Forms App std. edition


Need better forms that are more clear and easier to fill-out?

No need for expensive forms solutions!

With the Field Groups App for SharePoint 2013/2016 an Office 365, end-users can easily create great-looking, multi-tab forms in no more than a few minutes!

Field Groups App - Tabs view

No need to learn and deploy any new form technologies and tools or to become a form design expert using too-complicated proprietary tools.
Just keep using your regular SharePoint list forms!

The Business Need

We all got used to working with SharePoint lists and document libraries. It is only natural to expect these list forms (New, Edit, View) to include all required web form features, instead of making us buy and learn an external Forms technology such as InfoPath or any other Forms servers.

The Field Grouping Feature is part of KWizCom Forms App, which allows SharePoint business users to keep using the out-of-the-box list forms by turning them into powerful & dynamic web forms. This way there's no new technology to learn and deploy, simply keep using the same SharePoint list forms that now can include all the missing web form features.


Key Features & Benefits

Main key features of Field Groups/Tabs App (Office 365) are:

Feature KWizCom Field Groups App SharePoint 2013/Online
Target audience

Non-technical end-users

Power-users using technical tools such as InfoPath

Create multi-tab forms



Create forms with collapsible frames (Accordion)



Tab permissions: Tabs can be displayed only to specific users/groups



Flexible multi-column layout



Inherit SharePoint theme


if using InfoPath or other external form tool - you'll need to design your form manually

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Field Groups/Tabs App (Office 365)

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