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File Controller App (Office 365)


List/library-level control over attached/uploaded file sizes and types!

The File Controller app gives site owners more control over files and attachments that are uploaded by end-users to libraries and lists. By using a simple settings page you can setup file-size and file-types limitations for uploaded files and attachments. This way you can prevent users from uploading irrelevant files that make libraries and lists much harder to work with.

File Controller app's settings page

The Business Need

SharePoint online does not enable configuring max allowed file size and blocked file types. This means that SharePoint online tenant administrators cannot configure and enforce a more flexible policy, which allows for different file types and sizes in different SharePoint implementations.


Key Features & Benefits

Main key features of File Controller App (Office 365) are:

Feature KWizCom File Controller
SharePoint online
Allows configuring max uploaded file size in a list/library level



Enables configuring allowed or blocked file types in a list/library level



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File Controller App (Office 365)

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