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Repeating Rows App (Office 365)

Version Release Notes

Primary Software

Version 1.0.18
Base version 1.0.16
Release date Dec-31-2017


Module Version

Version History

CR# Description
Version 1.0.18, Dec-31-2017


Fixed: Disabling a repeating rows field that uses the sum/count totaling will return an error message at the top.


Fixed: Sometimes editing repeating rows data causes an error to appear.

Version 1.0.16, Nov-27-2017


Added: Allow the ability to customize column widths in repeating rows app


Added: Add options when creating a new column: Add to all content types, Add to default view.

Version 1.0.14, Aug-28-2017


Fixed: Users with contribute permissions only can still configure the repeating rows app


Improved: Better inform users about auto-delete of all orphan items in the Details list


Fixed: Rich text fields do not render in Firefox

Version 1.0.12, Sep-22-2016


Fixed: Repeating rows app cannot handle date picker if the format is from other regions


Fixed: Repeating rows app date fields become inaccurate if the region is different


Improved: Properly render enhanced rich text fields in repeating rows fields.

Version 1.0.08, Mar-17-2016


Added: Support SP2013 on-premises.

Version 1.0.07, Feb-07-2016


Improved: Enable including lookup fields with up to 2000 items (instead of only 100).

Version 1.0.06, Dec-23-2015


Improved: Saving changes message displays endlessly when trying to save RR configurations. This started happening due to O365 API issues ($.getJSON stopped working). We have switched to another AJAX method and it solved the issue.

Version 1.0.05, Dec-11-2015


Fixed: Having a choice field as the first field in a RR column causes it to not show values in the view form


Fixed: Repeating Rows app does not follow regional settings when values are typed


Fixed: Lookup columns only show choice ID in RR columns

Version 1.0.01, Sep-03-2015 - Base version

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Repeating Rows App (Office 365)

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