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KWizCom Apps Foundation

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the KWizCom Apps Foundation

KWizCom Apps Foundation is a vendor-hosted app that includes shared utilities used by other KWizCom SharePoint apps.

When do I need to install it on my O365 envinronment?

If you are using a KWizCom app that requires the services of the KWizCom Apps Foundation, the app will display a message asking you to install the KWizCom Apps Foundationin your tenant.

Who can install the KWizCom Apps Foundation?

Only a tenant admin can install it because it is installed in the tenant level. This is required only once, after that no matter to which site you add KWizCom apps, they will be able to use the tenant-level KWizCom Apps Foundation.

Do I need to activate this app?
No activation is required for this app.
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KWizCom Apps Foundation

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