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KWizCom Apps Foundation


KWizCom Apps Foundation is a vendor-hosted app, that provides services to all KWizCom apps to enhance their feature set.

This app has no user interface, it is a utility app, providing services to other KWizCom apps "behind the scenes".


Why do we need it?

Instead of implementing the same capabilities in each of our apps, we gather all of these shared functions into a "utility app" that can then serve all apps. The result is smaller and faster apps, easier deployment process for our customers.


OK, so how do you install it?

KWizCom Foundation app comes in 2 access levels:

Tenant app – will allow you to add the app once for your entire tenant. This will require a tenant administrator to add and trust the app. This is recommended when you anticipate to use KWizCom apps on many site collections and don’t want to add the app to each one.

Site collection app – will allow you to add the app to a specific site collection (one or more). This will require you to be a site collection administrator on the site you are adding the app to. This is recommended when you either do not have tenant administrator permissions, or only wish to gran KWizCom components access to specific site collections.


for a step-by-step install guide, please refer to the following KB article.
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KWizCom Apps Foundation

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