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KWizCom Touch App (Office 365)


SharePoint collaboration, redefined for touch experience & hand held devices

KWizCom Touch is a SharePoint 2013/2016 & SharePoint online app that provides you with a SharePoint interface redesigned to fit to your hand-held device.
This responsive UI displays different layouts depending on what exact device you are using, so you will have the most convenient UI optimized to your device.
Menus, buttons, links and the entire user experience becomes much easier to use, faster to accomplish your tasks.

KWizCom Touch responsive  UI


In addition to rendering a more convinient responsive UI, KWizCom Touch also allows you to cistomize the user-interface and create a custom-tailored solution that matches your exact business needs; you can create custom mobile pages with exact page parts that you need. This way you can create focused, task-oriented interfaces, rnabling end-users to become much more productive.

The Business Need

BYOD (Bring your own device) is here.

The distinction between Office and Mobile environments no longer exists; business users are using all kinds of devices (smartphones, phablets, tablets and laptops) regardless of their physical location, in or out of the office.
This calls for a True Responsive SharePoint user-interface that enables business users to keep collaborating in the easiest and fastest way while using their touch-enabled devices.
A user interface that will:

  • Show more when the device allows it
  • Enable users to quickly navigate and update content while utilizing their devices’ touch feature
  • Provide a focused, task-oriented interface, customized to business users’ exact needs
  • Adjust the display to the used device to prevent unnecessary page scrolls, page refreshes and typo mistakes

Bottom line: a more convenient and reliable UI to enable you to become more productive while using your hand-held device.

That’s what KWizCom Touch is all about!


Key Features & Benefits

Main key features of KWizCom Touch App (Office 365) are:

Feature KWizCom Touch
Enjoy touch friendly, responsive UI site that auto-scales to best fit your device


Navigate sites and apps very intuitively


Add/edit/view items in lists and libraries


Search within a list view (views with over 10 items)


Approve/reject items requiring approval


Quickly make a call or send an email by clicking on columns that contain that information


View lookup columns as a link, click it to open the connected item.


Customize your touch-enabled page (admin)


Integrated with Office web apps


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KWizCom Touch App (Office 365)

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