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Org. Chart App (SPFx)


Great-looking & highly customizable Organization Chart!

This app is part of Data View Toolset for SharePoint Online


The Org.Chart app is a SharePoint client-side web part, utilizing the new SharePoint Framework (SPFx), displaying organization Breakdown Structure (OBS).

Connect to various data sources

Display your organization chart based on various data sources including:

  • SharePoint list
  • MS Excel file
  • Azure AD

This allows you to easily implement your Org. chart, no matter where your data resides!

 KWizCom Org. Chart App datasource types

Easily find employees by using a configurable filters 

Do you have hundreds or thousands of employees in your organization?
Configure your filters to enable end-users quickly find employees by any property.


 KWizCom Org. Chart App custom filters

Configure the exact hierarchical layout you want

You can configure horizontal/vertical layout per-employee.
This allows you to have full control over the exact layout of the Org. chart; if you have many staff members reporting to the same manager, you can display them vertically and avoid horizontal scrollbars in your chart.

Configurable horizontal/vertical tree layout

View employee details with Profile and Persona cards

The Persona card shows clearly a selected employee's manager, peers and staff.

KWizCom Org. chart persona card

OK, now that you found an employee - what actions can you take?

Employee card includes various common actions such as Email and Phone Call, but the really nice thing is that you can add your own custom actions and make the employee card match your exact requirements!


Org. chart employee card custom actions

The Business Need

The most common scenarios for using the SharePoint Org. chart are:

  1. Department/Corporate org. chart - especially in large organizations, sometimes it is not that easy to find the right contact. The Org. chart provides a clear view that enables finding the right contact by his name, role, his/her manager etc.
  2. Corporate phonebook - many organizations keep employee information in their HR system, which is external to SharePoint, so in this case employees might find themselves having to work with multiple systems just to get that small piece of information about a fellow worker.
    with the Org. chart web part you can display employee information taken from external system, integrated into your SharePoint portal page.
  3. Clear display of hierarchical data - not just for organization hierarchy, but for any other hierarchy which is stored in your excel files or SharePoint lists.


Key Features & Benefits

Main key features of Org. Chart App (SPFx) are:

Feature Org. Chart App
Connect to SharePoint lists


Connect to Excel files


Connect to Azure AD (PRO. Edition)


Organization Breakdown Structure (OBS) view


Persona Cards view


Configurable horizontal/vertical layout per-employee




Customizable look & feel using CSS and knockout


Configurable Filters (PRO. edition)


Customizable employee card actions using knockout


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Org. Chart App (SPFx)

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