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Paste+ (Office 365 App)

Frequently Asked Questions

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What does this app do?

Paste+ enables end users to easilly copy and paste rich content and images from their local desktop to SharePoint rich-text fields.

Which browsers support this app?
Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE
in the previous versions I had a custom "Paste+" ribbon button, I don't see it anymore.
Correct, we are now overriding the out-of-the-box "Paste" button, so no need to use new custom buttons, keep copying and pasting as you always did!
What is the "KWizCom Client Agent" software that I'm required to install on my desktop?
In order to be able to access your windows local clipboard and upload its content to SharePoint, we need a local component. In previous versions we used an ActiveX component that was downloaded and installed on 1st use, but that technology works only with MS IE browsers. We replaced this proprietary ActiveX technology with a generic executable (KWizCom Client Agent) which works will all browsers, again you will have to install it locally on your desktop only at 1st use of the app.
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Paste+ (Office 365 App)

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