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Picture Gallery App (SPFx)


The Picture Gallery client-side web part is part of the KWizCom Data View Tools package for SharePoint Server/Online.
Download and install the package in your SharePoint online tenant in the following way:
  1. Before installing this add-in follow this KB article to make sure you have SPFx version 1.6 or later installed in your tenant.

  2. Click Here to download the ZIP file.
  3. Unzip the kwizcom-data-view-tools.sppkg package.
  4. Deploy the kwizcom-data-view-tools to app catalog:
    Go to your site's App Catalog. Upload or drag and drop the kwizcom-data-view-tools.sppkg to the App Catalog.
    upload app package to the app catalog

    This will deploy the client-side solution package. Since this is a full trust client-side solution, SharePoint will display a dialog and ask you to trust the client-side solution to deploy

    trust app message

    Choose Deploy.

  5. Install the client-side solution on your site
    Go to your site collection. Choose the gears icon on the top nav bar on the right and choose Add an app to go to your Apps page.
    Click From your organization link in the left side of the page and select the KWizCom Data View Tools app and install it on the site.
  6. Now you can add the web part to your page by selecting it from the web-part gallery:
    KWizCom List Aggregator app in web part gallery

To update your installed product with a new version

No need to install anything. All you have to do is:

  1. Clean your browser's cache and close all browser windows.
  2. When you browse the pages that use the app, your browser will download the updated app's javascript files.
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Picture Gallery App (SPFx)

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