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Picture Gallery App (SPFx)


Display your amazing pictures from remote/distributed locations the right way!

This app is part of Data View Toolset for SharePoint Online


Got various picture libraries located in various sites?

Now you can easily connect to remote libraries or aggregate pictures from multiple libraries and display them in great-looking picture gallery display controls!

KWizCom Picture Gallery App



 Easily connect to data sources

  • SharePoint libraries/lists
  • Aggregate data from multiple SharePoint sites and site collections
  • Excel files
KWizCom Picture Gallery app - data sources



Great-looking picture controls

The app includes the following configurable picture-display controls:

  • Camera slideshow
  • Picture gallery
  • Photopile

KWizCom Picture Gallery app - camera settings

Configurable Filters

Quickly create the exact filtering form you need to easily find your pictures!


KWizCom Picture Gallery app - configurable filters



The Business Need

Many companies have their pictures located in many seperate libraries and lists. Displaying these pictures on a selected page in your portal becomes an issue because the out-of-the-box SharePoint capabilities don't allow you to easily aggregate the required pictures and siaplay them as you want.


Key Features & Benefits

Main key features of Picture Gallery App (SPFx) are:

Feature Picture Gallery App
Various display controls (gallery, image rotator)


Various display and transition effects


Connect to remote libraries/lists


Aggregate pictures across sites and site collections


Group pictures using tabs/sections


Further configurable using knockout script


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Picture Gallery App (SPFx)

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