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There are 2 ways to install the app in your SharePoint 2013-2019 farm or SharePoint online:
1. Install from the Microsoft App Store
2. Manually add the app to your internal App Catalog

Installing the App from the Microsoft App Store
  1. Click "Add an app" while browsing the site to which you want to add the app:

    "Add app" menu
  2. Click the "ShraePoint Store" link on the left:

    "SharePoint Store" menu
    You will be redirected to the Microsoft Apps Store.

  3. Find your requested KWizCom app by typing its name in the Search box (or just type "KWizCom" to find all our apps on the store)
  4. Install the free version. This version includes a message that indicates that this is a free trial version.
  5. Install the "KWizCom Apps Foundation" app.
    Click here for more information.


Manually adding the app to your internal App Catalog

This option is relevant to customers who do not want to install apps from the Microsoft apps store, and prefer to manually add the .app files to their internal catalog, so users will then install apps on their sites only from the company's internal catalog.
  1. Click Here to download the ZIP file.
  2. Add the product app file and the KWizCom Apps Foundation file to your Apps Catalog site, according to the instructions in the README file (included in the ZIP file).


  • to learn more about how to manage your company's internal App Catalog, please refer to the relevant Microsoft documentation for SharePoint On-Premises and for SharePoint Online.
  • In case you manually add an app to your internal catalog in on-premises SharePoint 2013/2016, you still need an active connection to KWizCom's CDN (, so you cannot have this in a completely closed environment.
  • You cannot have the same app installed both from the Microsoft App store and from the company catalog at the same time within the same site collection. That would give an error during adding the app.


To update your installed product with a new version

No need to install anything. All you have to do is:

  1. Clean your browser's cache and close all browser windows.
  2. Visit the app web (settings pages)  - this will update your installed app with the new version's javascript files.
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Scan App (Office 365)

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