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Scan App (Office 365)

Frequently Asked Questions

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What does this app do?
The KWizCom Scan app (add-in) enable SharePoint online users to easily scan papers and upload searchable files to SharePoint online libraries and lists.
Does this app also work with SharePoint server (on-premises)?
Yes. Once you configure your SharePoint 2013/2016 farm to work with apps (add-ins), you can user the KWizCom Scan app.
Does the product require any client installation on my desktop?
Yes. Part of KWizCom Scan is a windows utility called "KWizCom Scan Client". This windows application communicates with your connected scanner/s and also enables advanced features such as OCR and zipping large scan documents before uploading to SharePoint.
Does the product include OCR capailities?
Yes, the Professional edition includes multi-lingual OCR capabilities.
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Scan App (Office 365)

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