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Scan App (Office 365)


Item SKU Price
KWizCom Scan App STD. Annual Subscription
KWizCom Scan App Std. 10-user pack subscription
ASSCNS-10 $60 Annual
KWizCom Scan App Std. S.C subscription ASSCNS-S $180 Annual
KWizCom Scan App PRO. Annual Subscription
KWizCom Scan App Pro. 10-user pack subscription ASSCNP-10 $84 Annual
KWizCom Scan App Pro. S.C subscription ASSCNP-S $252 Annual

Per-user subscriptions are limited to a single site collection.

S.C subscription= Single site collection, up to 100 users.

All listed prices are in US dollars (USD). Prices include free version upgrades and support services according to our Standard support plan.

For information about domain & enterprise licensing and additional options please send an email to

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Scan App (Office 365)

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