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About KWizCom Products – General Questions

Product Evaluation & Licensing

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About KWizCom Products – General Questions

Do your SharePoint add-ons work with Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) and
SharePoint Server?

All KWizCom's SharePoint add-ons work with both WSS/Foundation and SharePoint Server, unless specifically noted otherwise.


Are KWizCom add-ons accessible by people with disabilities?

Yes, KWizCom add-ons support the WCAG and section 508 accessibility standards.


Do you provide documentation for your products?

Yes, we provide comprehensive User and Admin guides for all of our products. Each User Guide includes everything you need to know when you want to deploy a KWizCom product: information on product installation, configuration, customization and usage by end users.
The User Guide for every product can be downloaded in PDF format, you can find it in the "Download & Try" section of each product on the KWizCom web site.


What languages are supported by KWizCom add-ons?

All languages!
KWizCom add-ons are multi-lingual by design. Every KWizCom add-on includes  a translation utility that enables you to easily translate every add-on to any required language. 


Where can I find out about new product versions and when they become available?

You don't have to miss out or work hard to find information on KWizCom's latest releases. We will keep you updated – simply subscribe to the KWizCom RSS Feed , or follow us on twitter and you will always know when a new product has been developed or a new version is released.
If you prefer to receive a single monthly update (rather than follow the almost-daily rss news updates) subscribe to the KWizCom monthly newsletter via the KWizCom website.


How often do you release product upgrades?

KWizCom product development is extremely dynamic. We listen to customer requests and feedback (and the feedback rating i.e. the number of customers who made an identical request) and we upgrade the products accordingly. New releases of product versions occur 2-3 times a year and include feedback based enhancements and bug fixes.
Customers that purchase the standard support plan enjoy product upgrades at no additional cost.


Are the existing add-ons going to be supported in the next SharePoint versions that Microsoft will release?

All KWizCom products comply with Microsoft standards, build on Microsoft capabilities and mesh with Microsoft products. Our add-ons work with the current versions of Microsoft SharePoint and will continue to be suitable for new versions that Microsoft releases. This a fundamental element promised by our standard support plan. 


Which desktop OS do you support?

KWizCom products are compatibility tested with the two most recent versions of Microsoft Windows and the latest version of iOS. 


Which SharePoint versions do you support?

We develop products for the two most recent versions of SharePoint. For customers who have older versions, we provide support for critical issues, but we do not develop new product versions. 


Which internet browsers do you support?

KWizCom products support the following browsers:
Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari - latest version 

Also, the adminstrative interface included in our products is tested with only Microsoft Internet Explorer , while the end-user interface is tested using all of the above.

Product Evaluation & Licensing

Can I try your products before I decide to buy?

We encourage you to test drive our products! KWizCom trial versions are  fully functional, they work without license keys and can be conveniently deployed on any development, test or production machine. The only difference between the trial and the production version is that the evaluation version works for a limited period of 30 days. After 30 days the add-on "times-out" and will display the message: "Trial Version Expired".
Should you require additional time to evaluate the product, we will be happy to provide you with an extension key.


How do I obtain a trial version?

Simply browse the "Download & Try" page for the product you are interested in page and download your trial version, which is fully-functional for a period of 30 days. You do not need to give your details or sign up…It is easy and free of charge!


How are your add-ons licensed?

Our on-premise products are licensed per-web front end server. This means that every SharePoint web front-end server requires a separate license.
If your environment includes virtual servers (MS Virtual PC. VMWare etc.), a separate license is required for every running virtual machine.
You do not need licenses for other SharePoint application servers such as Database or index servers.

As for O365 apps - these are licensed by the amount of users and site collections, according to annual subscription model.


I need several products…can I get a discount?

We already thought of that! That's why we offer Bundles that grant you 30% off the cost of the individual components!

When you need to acquire several products you can buy them in a bundle. KWizCom bundles are pregrouped solution packages that cover a certain area of knowledge management needs such as creating effective portals, collaboration sites, publishing sites, project workspaces and more.
Check out the bundles we are offering.
If you need a different set of products, not currently available in a KWizCom Bundle we offer you the opportunity to create your own "custom bundle", enabling you to get exactly what you need at an unbeatable price!


We have several servers in our farm; do you offer a discount for multi-server orders?

For more details please contact our sales team:


What about non-production servers (QA, development, staging servers)? Do I need a license for these servers also?

For non-production servers we offer a "Development License".
This license is identical to the production license except that it displays a "Development License" caption for few seconds.
The cost of the development license is 25% of the product's price, per-year (the development license needs to be renewed every year otherwise it will expire).
Development licenses are available only for customers ordering production licenses.


Do you have a special price for education institutes?

We offer a 20% discount to education institutes (K-12 and high education institutes). This discount is unique and cannot be added to other discounts. 


Do you offer an unlimited-servers (Enterprise) license?

We offer an "Enterprise License" which provides a company with an unlimited number of product licenses. Please contact our sales team for more information at:


Do you offer an unlimited number of Site Collections and unlimited number of Users (O365 Apps ) Subscription?

We offer a Domain App Subscription which provides a company with unlimited number of Site Collections and unlimited number of Users. Please contact our sales team for more information at:

Support & Maintenance

What support options are available with your products?

We provide various support plans, giving you the ability to receive future product upgrades at no additional cost and to utilize our support services by opening support incidents.
For detailed information about our support programs, please review the "Support Programs" page on our web site.


I have purchased a product, do I have to pay to receive a newly released version?

When you purchase a KWizCom product, you can buy it with (or without) the standard support plan. 
The standard support plan provides you with the ability to receive newly released versions at no additional charge for the period of 1 year.
If you did not order the standard support plan, you will have to buy the new version at full price, or order the standard support plan and gain the ability to receive updated product versions at no additional charge for the following year.

What versions of SharePoint do you provide support for?

Our policy (available on our website under Support FAQ - General Questions) is to develop products for the two most recent production versions of SharePoint. As SharePoint add-on developers, we rely on support from Microsoft, which no longer available for older SharePoint versions. For customers using older versions of SharePoint, we will continue to provide support for critical issues, but we will no longer develop new product versions. An issue is prioritized as critical if it breaks the core function of the product, disabling its use. We highly recommend upgrading to the current versions of SharePoint to utilize our most recent product versions.

Ordering Process

How do I order a product?

You can order a KWizCom product in one of two ways:

  1. Online, web order – Browse to the "Buy" section of the product in KWizCom web site and click the "Order" link.
    You will be redirected to our secured payment service (share-it) and you will perform an on-line order using a credit card.
  2. Purchase order – Send a purchase order document by email to our sales team: The purchase order document should include the following information:
    • Your company name and logo
    • Your company's address, phone, fax, email (of main contact).
    • List of the ordered products, for each product – name, price, number of licenses.
    • Total order amount in US dollars (USD) or Canadian dollars (CAD).
    • Name, job title and signature of the order's owner. 


What happens after I place an order?

After you have ordered a product using our on-line secure payment service (share-it), the credit card used for the order is validated by the payment service.
This may take up to 24 hours. After validation, our support team receives your order and sends you the activation key/s for the products you ordered.
If you made a direct order using a purchase order sent to our sales team, you will receive your activation key/s within 1 business day. 


What forms of payment do you accept?

If you order our products on-line using our payment service (share-it), you can pay with a credit card.
For direct purchases (via purchase order), we accept credit card, check or bank wire transfer.


What forms of currency do you accept?

All prices are listed in U.S. dollars. We accept purchases in US dollars (USD) and Canadian dollars (CAD).
Payment in any other currency will require a surcharge of 10% to the total invoice value.
Please contact  if you’re interested in purchasing in currency other than USD or CAD.


Is your product available through any distributors or resellers?

See our list of resellers.


My credit card is being declined when I try to place an order - what do I do?

If you are having difficulties placing an online order, please contact us at We will help you complete your order.
In order for us to best serve you, please make a note of the exact error message and/or behavior you are experiencing and any error messages or reference numbers displayed.

Product installation & activation

How do I install a KWizCom product?

Please refer to the KWizCom's knowledgebase.


How do I update my add-on to the latest version?

Please review the following KB article.


What is product activation? When do I need to do it?

Product Activation is the process that turns your installed evaluation version (that you have downloaded from the KWizCom web site) into a production version. You need to activate a product only after you purchased the product.


How do I activate a product?

Please review the following activation KB.


I want to move my KWizCom product installation to a different server, what do I do?

If you have an activated KWizCom product on one of your servers and you want to move this product installation to a different server, you will need a new  activation key for the new server, replacing the one you have. 
In order for us to be able to send you another activation key follow these steps:

  1. On your server, go to Windows "Start" menu and select
    "Programs > KWizCom > [product name] > Activate [product name].
  2. Click the "Deactivate" button and copy the deactivation code.
  3. Copy the Deactivation Code with the old Activation code and fill out the Product Deactivation web form on KWizCom web site,
  4. After you've submitted the Deactivation web form you will receive an email that confirms the successful deactivation.
  5. You can now install the product's evaluation version on your new server and follow the product activation process described above.

I've lost my product activation code; what should I do?

Send an email to our support team (, with your order number, the date you ordered the product, the  product name and customer details
(company name and main contact info) and we'll retrieve your license details and send it over to you.


Upgrading to SharePoint 2010/2013

Will my KWizCom products continue to work if I upgrade to SharePoint 2010/2013?

KWizCom is upgrading its SharePoint add-ons to SharePoint 2010 to enable our customers to keep using our add-ons after they upgrade their SharePoint environment.

If you have an annual support plan, you can download the new product version for SharePoint 2010 from our web site and install it on your SharePoint 2010 server. Please make sure you have renewed your product's annual support plan so you'll be able to install the new product version for SharePoint 2010.

 If you haven’t already, be sure to renew your support plan and you will receive the new release versions of the products you purchased, ready for SharePoint 2010.


Where can I find upgrade guidelines?

Please review the following installation & upgrade KB.

KWizCom MVP Licenses