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KWizCom Touch App (Office 365)

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is KWizCom Touch?
KWizCom Touch is a SharePoint 2013/2016 and O365 app. KWizCom Touch provides you with a SharePoint interface that was redesigned to fit to your hand-held device. This responsive UI displays different displays depending on what exact device you are using, so you will see the UI optimized to your device. Menus, buttons, links and the entire user experience becomes much easier to use, faster to accomplish your tasks.
Do I have to install anything on my device in order to use KWizCom Touch?
No, this is a SharePoint app which is using your device's web browser, so no installation is required on your device.
Which browsers are supported?
Supported browsers: IE (10 and above), FireFox (latest), Chrome (latest), Safari (latest).
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KWizCom Touch App (Office 365)

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